On the End and Such

The lights from the unfinished buildings flickered ever so picturesquely on the surface of the water front, like stars in a mighty heaven. I looked down unto the unusually empty streets; the streets that will become a war zone in less than a few hours. People robed in white where flocking to the beautifully lighted mosque. Some of, who will, as soon as they lift their damp foreheads from the soothing carpet, start their cars and start their daily battles against traffic and their computers.

Sami silently showed up from behind. Not making an entrance, unlikely to the usual, I initiated the conversation.
Me: It is time.
Sami: Damn man, that was quick, don’t you think?
Sami: I just thought it would be longer.
Me: I know. But we agreed. A deal’s a deal.
Sami: Yes I know that, but I’m surprised that it came so soon.
Me: I know, I’m sorry. You don’t have to make this any harder than it is.
Sami: So do you think that she’s worth it?
Me: Yes I think she is. She’s everything I ever wanted.
Sami: I know, I’ve never seen you so happy.
Me: Thanks. You can tell me that you’ll miss me, you know. I know you will
Sami: That’s my line. You can stop stealing my lines. You know, you wouldn’t have done it without me.
Me: Yes I know and I really appreciate it. I do. You’ll always be a part of me. We spent the best times of our lives together. But it must come to an end.
Sami: Ok then. I’m known to never overstay my welcome. And you created me, so you might as well get rid of me.

Silently, Sami shuffled off to the dark closet where such things as childhood heroes and adolescent dreams wither off and die.

For the first (and maybe last) time, it was I who came out the winner.