On Indians in Dubai and Such

If you work in Dubai, chances are that you have more than one Hindustani coworker that you will ultimately and inevitably need to converse with . Here's a brief lapse from one of those many conversations I dread.

Hindi coworker (in the heaviest hindu accent): Where iz da tiff file, maan?
Me: Tiff 3aleik.. (Literally meaning Spit on you in Arabic)
Hindi coworker beams with an ear-to-ear smile and a head wiggle..

If someone can be kind enough to explain to me what that head wiggle means. Is it a yes? Is it a no? Is it a maybe? Is it a maybe yes? Is it a maybe no? Is it my brother? Who is it? .. I'm getting carried away here. So far, whenever I see it, I get this eerie, cold sensation running through my body that something bad will happen now or worse, whatever instructions I have just meticulously given have dissolved into thin air.

While we're at the subject of decoding. I would also very much appreciate it if anyone would offer me the equivalent of "*beep* ukhtak" or "*beep* immak" in hindi. It would very much come in handy. I promise to use it wisely and no more than twice a day. Fingers crossed.


7aki Fadi said...

"Tiff 3aleik.." HA HA HA HA HA.

DUDE, I was working (well obviously not working reading this blog) and then I burst out laughing so loud people think I am crazy...HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Although I only read 3 posts but loving the blog so far :D

Expated in Dubai said...

Thank you 7aki fadi, glad to be of pleasure, your name very much reminds me of myself and my life..

Expated in Dubai said...
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Tobias from Bangalore, India currently residing in Sharjah said...

just went through ur blog, quite interesting and hilarious. Going through On Indians and Dubai Such, i get the feeling that u don't like indians very much. Please correct me if iam wrong. I would suggest u spend time with a indian for sometime, not in the work enviroment, but in a social setting and trust me, u will like them. Iam not stating this because iam an indian, but because i too did have stereotypical notions about different arab nationalities, but i didn't believe them all, i went forward and mingled and now iam proud to say that i have friends from iraq, palestine, syria, UAE, yemen and somalia. I just don't mean passing by kind of thing, but good solid friendship, i have attended their weddings, kids b'day parties, social outings and thier folks call on me once in a while for assistance, which iam happy to provide.

Regarding the head shake that we indians have, it differs from region to region back in india. Mainly people from the south of india have this constant bobblehead movement, other wise most of us don't shake our heads at all and if we do, ever so slightly.

Keep writing dude, ur blogs are worth reading.

Expated in Dubai said...

First of all Tobias thank you for your comment.
The feeling you get is totally out of context, I am a self-proclaimed racist and cynic, but I have nothing but respect and admiration for Indians. I too have several friends from Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore whom I enjoy spending time with, yet nevertheless I sometimes find myself irked from certain habits, probably like you would from an Arab. Otherwise I say live and let live, and keep on breeding :)

PS How much is your dowry worth, hehe?
PPS I always ask my Indian friends that, they enjoy the tidbit insensitive joke as much as anyone else

Tobias said...

How much is my dowry worth,....hmmmmm...Good question, haven't thought about it?, i will tell u when i come up with a good round number...hehehehe

Expated in Dubai said...

Do let me know Tobias..
While we're at the subject..any pretty Arab girl wanna pay my dowry? Bids are now open at 50k, *bangs his stapler onto the desk*

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Anonymous said...

yeah fuck u racist arab diaper head cunt.. .

sham said...

*beep* ukhtak ya zalama.. zabbal!!

Anonymous said...

Same old cowardly arab vermin, hope the yanks exterminate the scum