On Parents and Such

So your parents decide to show once more in your life even though you gave off subtle hints that you don’t want to be part of their lives (not to mention less than subtle hints from their part)

My parents arrived at Dubai Airport carrying luggage worthy of Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.

Me(Checking an entire set of luggage that looked similar to those Russian dolls fitted in one another) What the hell is this?
Father(making more than a distressed face when mother wasn't watching): It’s your mom. I told her many times what’s the need for all this?
Me: It’s ok if you’re migrating to Canada.

My parents list of demands began once they stuffed their luggage in my car trunk. The list includes but is not limited to: (In no particular order)

What is Facebook?
What is an I-Pod?
We want an I-Pod.
We want a Facebook.
Why don’t you post our pictures on Facebook like your other cousin (who opened their eyes to the scandal that Facebook is)?
Come back to Amman
Stay in Dubai
Stop making fun of people
Stop seeing and flirting with a certain girl
Start looking for a decent girl to settle with
Give to the poor
Women chasing after men are whores (Actually there is no real demand there)
Invest in stocks in Dubai stock exchange.
Put a Quran in my car to protect me from the evil eye which they are convinced is fixated on me.
Lower down the music
Slow down

The last two were almost always requested simultaneously.

Sadly but truly, I discovered that a fundamental reason of my gladness and peace of mind of being in Dubai is that I get to live away from the annoyance that parents can occasionally be. I can come whenever I wish, I can go whenever I wish, I can hang in my apartment wearing nothing but my boxers for one whole day, and poke my belly button for the mere fun of it.

But if I really want to tell you about parents I’ll tell you how they are normal people like you and me. That for the most part, they are as clueless and lost as you are rather than the righteous, better-knowing people they claim to be. That they did the best that they could do with what they had, which doesn’t amount to much, even when they made you believe they are the richest people in the world. That if given the choice, they would do it all again, the same way, even when they say they wouldn’t. That even when you spent the better part of your early years rebelling against their will, that you will inevitably grow into their image, inherit their insecurities and perspectives. And someday, whether a day from now or in the far distant future, you will look back and admire all that is they achieved, even if it were in your opinion it was mere survival, and just hope to achieve an iota of what they did.

Still I find it hard to tell them all this, but I know they know. At least, I hope they do..


KJ said...

living, in the end, is about survival, especially here in Dubai.

hemlock said...

i tried poking my belly button... it wasnt fun. as in, im not sure i'd do it for fun again.

rosh said...

Ah welcome back expated. Must say, the last para, was simply beautiful - loved it. Whatever antics you pull, you are wise/mature with an understanding heart - looks to me your folks got it right with you :)

rosh said...

btw you are on GN http://www.gulfnews.com/tabloid/Technology_and_Research/10187156.html

sara said...

awwwwwwww Sami.. This was so lovely.. I'm touched by your words.. Rabinna yekhaleelak your parents & bless your life with their warm existance.. Amen :)

p.s. did u get them an I-Pod? LOL

Expated in Dubai said...

@KJ, You said it my friend..
@Hemlock, You must have one of those sucky belly-buttons that are turned inside out..hehe
@Rosh, thanks for your encouragement and kind words man, and about the Gulf New thing..cool! Do I win something since it is the festive season here in Dubai? ( I still can't believe they censored the "hell")
@Sara, Thanks :) I didn't get them an I-Pod, I got them a Facebook..hehe

hemlock said...

ehm. :/ i take offense to that. my belly button is perfectly fine thank you.
you just have a weird sense of fun =P

Expated in Dubai said...

hehe you shouldn't take offense...at least not yet :)

Expated in Dubai said...

Besides, I just realized that you're a girl.. Dunno why Hemlock sounded like a guy nickname to me..so there you go, that explains why you're not enjoying the poking thing.. and why you took offense :)

hemlock said...

muhahaha. muhahahahahahahahaha!
no but seriously man, is it actually fun to poke your belly button?
ill never understand men.

Expated in Dubai said...

What's there to understand? All we do is watch TV, gawk at pretty women and sleep. :)

Besides, isn't it fun to stroke your hair while stuck in traffic? :)

hemlock said...

i normally even polish my nails, refresh my gloss and or re-apply concealer.
and i only run my hands through my hair if there is a hot dude somewhere close by =P

Expated in Dubai said...

Ooooh so that explains why all women run their hands through their hair when I'm around.. :)

hemlock said...

that. or they just arent using enough conditioner and their hair keeps on getting tangled up ;)

Expated in Dubai said...

hehe, so which do you think is it?
It's still not that hot you know.. :P

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious mate. Your take on every nationality is fun and being and Indian, I loved your take on Indians the most.
I have just moved into UAe and people have this perception about India, that every1 is a worker or from South .... ah, the burden I have to carry for 1 billion people.

Our sweets are good, but I guess you tried lot of South Indian sweets than from rest of the India. It seems Kerala and Tamil Nadu run from money from UAE.

Expated in Dubai said...

Thanks man. The irony is after all this I actually got to visit India. Got ripped off by a monkey-trotting beggar and fined for jaywalking. It's all good though :)

lavy said...

what rosh said. that was too cute!:) x

Expated in Dubai said...

Amazing people still read this stuff. Anyway, I'm flattered :)

Sasha Grey said...
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