On Recap of 2007 and Such

2007 was one of the best years of my entire life.

Ok allow me to rephrase that, 2007 was THE best year of my life.

Let’s rewind. My New Year celebration wasn’t an ideal one to say the least. Stranded in Saudi, locked in a furnished apartment, working at a job with an abusive mental streak were all signs that 2007 wasn't going to be a good year. At 12:01 1/1/2007, I wished myself a happy new year, made a mental toast to myself and new beginnings, prepared my new year resolution and went to a soundless sleep.

The dead-end job, being expated in Saudi were all too much for a person like me to bear. I called Royal Jordanian, pushed back my ticket, packed my bags and literally escaped under the dark cover of early morning.

It doesn’t end here.

I continued to work from Jordan with the same sadistic assholes. Little did they know that I am a very proud individual with a vengeful streak and an unforgiving attitude. So one day I was haggling with my boss, who decided to cancel our break time and push back leaving hours by one hour to save one hour of electricity usage (I shit you not), the other I was in Kuala Lumpur, enjoying the vacation of a lifetime. All their calls to me to know where the hell I am were unanswered and all their demands of important files to be sent were uncalled for.

In Kuala Lumpur I acted like my jackass self the best. I pretended to be a loud Italian tourist and run into Malays asking them “Por favore sinore, zinglabto gallabto” which translates to nothing at all. The Malays would look at me in pure, fearful astonishment. One of them even ran away and I started chasing him as my tourism mate cracked up. Other misadventures include getting hit on by an Iranian girl (note to all Iranian women, please learn some English, we really like you but would like you more if we used something other than body language to communicate), and a fat snake coiling around my mate’s neck.

Then I moved to Dubai. Much of my feats in Dubai are documented in this blog around the time I came. I visited Saudi Aramco, and saw what it really means to be taken care of, visited Oman, which is such a beautiful country that I hope to visit again, vacationed in Jordan and visited Petra the new world wonder, got my license, attended concerts, weddings, socialized, got my car, and most importantly, got a life.

In short, my new year’s resolution in a dark, stagnant room in the middle of the desert came true.

Here’s to another great year.


Balqis said...

Por favore sinore, zinglabto gallabto

Huh shame on you, definitely that's not Italian !
Buon Anno :-)

M Kilany said...


Ta7sheeeesh.... Loves your post...

7aki Fadi said...

"One of them even ran away and I started chasing him as my tourism mate cracked up."

I could not help but picture you doing this and LMAO.

Hope you have a happy 2008 :)

Maioush said...

Happy new year my friend :)

alia said...

Interesting twist of events. Does this mean you're now living life to the fullest?

I only ask because I've lived here all my life, and frankly, Dubai seems more hollow than it ever did. But that's just me.

asoom said...

Happy 2008!

Kinano said...

Here, here!

*drinks a toast for a great 08*

Happy New Year :)

rosh said...

Soulful post mate - glad to hear you've worked your way thru. Keep up the spirit, and your hard work/perseverance. Fortune favours the brave.

Here's to an exciting 2008!

Expated in Dubai said...

@Balqis, that is the whole point. Acting like a raging dickhead and terrorize the locals and pin it on some other nationality. Buon Anno to you too
@M Kilany, thanks :) I love my posts too..hehe
@7aki fadi, Happy new year to you too and your family..
@Maioush, Happy new year to you too
@Alia, I've always lived my life to the fullest. However there were sometimes circumstances that slowed me down..
I know what you mean when you say you feel Dubai is hollow. But you should try living in a different city and experience a different kind of hollowness to understand the privelege of living in Dubai..That's just me..
@Asoom, Happy 2008 to you too
@Kinano, Here, here.. :)
@Rosh, Damn right it does. Here here..

inmotion said...

sho waynak

Expated in Dubai said...

hayne, inti wain?

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Sasha Grey said...
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Avril said...
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