On Justin Timberlake, Holiday Season and Such

So if you live in the UAE and haven’t heard that Justin Timberlake is coming to town you are one of two things:

1- You queue on Fridays for hours in front of Indian cinemas to watch the newest release for Aishwarya Rai and Amit Batchan and think bushy mustaches are cool.


2- You come back from work and roll your blanket around yourself and watch reruns of desperate housewives and spend hours in front of the peep hole waiting for your neighbors to come back from work and give them imaginary names.

Or maybe both.

Well, I am neither. I drove 2 hours to Abu Dhabi to attend JT’s performance. Ok honestly it’s not my biggest pride, especially considering the fact that the attendees were as old as my sons and daughters if I had any. But still, it was a thoroughly entertaining experience where JT outperformed himself and any other artist. I signed up for a Pop show, what I got was a mesmerizing rock performance worthy of great names like Guns N’ Roses and Pearl Jam. I am no music critic, this is my opinion. And it really seemed like JT was working his butt off, singing, dancing, entertaining, joking. It was all perfectly coordinated and choreographed, the lights, the dancing, the images on the TV screens. Even the organizers did a great job of getting 13,000 people in and out safely which I can see was done above anyone else’s expectations. So thanks y’all

On a different note my parents are coming to visit this holiday season to check on their one and only rocking son in Dubai. So if anyone from Jordan wants to send their relatives in UAE thyme, a bag of onions or potatoes, or olive oil please feel free to bother my happily-near retirement parents at …But seriously, if you want to send such things as money transfers, cute, unknowing girls feel free to contact me and I’ll give you direction

You know what that means. It means no matter what I do, no matter what I say, or hard I work to please them, I will always come out the loser. The endless interviewing of when will I get married how much am I saving the job, the career, the women, the ‘you need to get this’, the ‘you need to do that’ that will inevitably derail to whining of how hard it was raising me in a foreign country, the toys and cartoons I got as a kid, the education, then the breakdown into blackmailing tears.

Yet still. I can’t wait to get them from the airport. And I can’t wait to be my parent’s host for the first time in my life. The idea of being the one in control for a change is thrilling in itself.

It means I can drive them to the desert claiming to take them to a lavish resort and leave them there as payback for all the abuse I was exposed to as a child.

No, I'm kidding.

I’ll make sure to make them proud. I know they will be..


7aki Fadi said...

I knew it!

What did you do to Sami? I knew you did something to Sami. I was suspecting something fowl since he hasn’t made an appearance for ever.

Did you do something to him in preparation of your parents visit?

I miss Sami :(

asoom said...

OH my God I can't believe you've aligned justin timberlake with Pearl Jam!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?????

JT is an ENTERTAINER for a living more than anything and clearly he succeeds in entertaining the masses. Pearl Jam is a group of amazing artists who happen to entertain.

KJ said...


Good luck with the marriage lecture. You can come sleep over if you want ;)

ammaro.com said...

you know, back when JT was Nsync, you can say he was a little too boy-bandish for my taste. then timbaland hooked up with him, and well, the guys a frickin star now. im glad you enjoyed the concert, im sure he blew the place apart. sounds well organized.

on parents; funny how after a while we become the ones in charge, eh?

Expated in Dubai said...

@7f, I know you miss him. I miss him too sometimes, but real-life catches up sometimes. I'll try to keep as updated as possible..though no promises
@asoom, lei m3asbe? Don't take my words out of contextI wasn't aligning anyone with anyone. I only said it was a "worthy performance" of great names. I was hinting that I predict that JT will become something of a legendary entertainer of the scale of great names.
@kj, and leave my parents where? You're not hinting that I should actually go ahead with my "desert" plan?
@ammaro.com, yeah it seems like timbaland is something of a magician he's spilling success wherever he lays his fingers on..
about the parents thing, it is funny and sad at the same time, since I wouldn't want anyone to take care of me, old age or no old age..

Arab Lady said...

"It means I can drive them to the desert claiming to take them to a lavish resort and leave them there as payback for all the abuse I was exposed to as a child."

May i have ur parents' Num? :P

rosh said...

I hear there were loads of Britney bare babes at the JT concert - some, losing whatever little was on them whilst strolling for a cab?

Re: parents, am sure they are proud of you and all you've achieved so far in life. I think whatever they say, it's from the heart with nothing but positive intentions. I think, our parents are perhaps the only folks whom we can count on for honest care & trust.

Expated in Dubai said...

Please send me an email with the nature of your enquiry with a picture enclosed and a brief about yourself and interests if any. :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

"The idea of being the one in control for a change is thrilling in itself."

you really think when they stay at your house you will be in control.

*covers mouth to hide laugh

*serious face

yeah yeah.. *thumbs up

believe me somehow they will take over

Expated in Dubai said...

@rosh, where were those Britney babes? All I saw were preteen kiddies, I felt like I was back to my baby-sitting days, no that there were any baby-sitting days. And I totally agree with you on the parents thing..
@IC, damn woman you're right. You always manage to burst my blissful bubble of denial.

Nargis Fakhri said...
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