On Dating in Dubai and Such

This is the post that you’ve all been waiting for. I know that you are all giddy and excited by now in your seats and skimming through this post jumping to the main, juicy parts.


I spoke before about dating in Amman. Now dating in Dubai is a totally different thing like the difference between, let’s say, penguins wearing sunglasses and RFP’s ( I just had to put that somewhere)

Dating in Dubai starts with a phone call.

Her: Hiii
You: Hey
Her: Listen I’m going to be 20 minutes late. I am stuck in traffic. I’m so sorry.
You: Okay..

(10 minutes later)

Her: Hi again
You (a little exasperated): Hey
Her: Where is the place again?
You: Take a left from Jumeirah Road..

30 minutes later after reading the newspaper and calling a random childhood friend you haven’t heard from in the last 10 years and texting your sister, your date shows up.

At least she is looking gorgeous and is not too worried about revealing a little too much of the merchandise.

Pleasantries are exchanged. Shortly afterwards, what would be considered unthinkable elsewhere other than Dubai and major cities happens.

Business cards are swapped.

Now, even if business cards are not PHYSICALLY exchanged, and an eye doesn’t directly shoot unto the title and company, and fingers feel the texture of the card, they are mentally revealed through a few open-ended questions and insinuations.

Then, a quick algorithm is executed in her head that includes variables such as hotness and how fun you are vs. possible financial revenue. A junction is quickly reached.

Is he too hot that he is worth more than the hefty bonus I can get through business with him which will enable me to buy that Louis Vuitton handbag I really want?

A few minutes and a fantasy later that includes you cuddling with her under a blanket (or lack thereof), a verdict is reached.

For courtesy’s sake, this decision is not put into words, but can be conveyed from the turn the date takes. If it is mostly office stories and salary negotiation-like discussions, you know that you’ve been relegated to the “business contacts” category. If the date takes a turn towards playfulness, flirting and accidental physical contact you know that you’ve been delegated to the “possible romances” category.

You’d think your work is over by now. It’s not.

Your father didn’t tell you this, but women have categories for everything.

Later on, a second algorithm is executed. A quick skim at such things as your watch, shoes, teeth, car-key chains and few others depending on her kinkiness will provide the variables. The second algorithm will decide the longevity and permanency of the relationship. Please note that the results of the first algorithm are absolutely unrelated to the results of the second.

In contrast to dating in Amman, dating in Dubai has no curfews and is open-ended and can include two activities or more (ahem) Another point of difference would be the bill payment. Women in Dubai like to think of themselves as independent women enjoying freedom and success (HA!) so they will insist on breaking up the tab once it arrives whilst women in Jordan will pretend sheepishly to want to pay, but they fully expect you to.


Rambling Hal said...

I don't know WHAT we'd all do without these extremely useful pointers on life in Dubai. I'll be sure to refer to them continuously as soon as I find someone in that damn city to hire me so I can get out of here and start dating with no curfew. Thank goodness for this helpful blog of yours. ;)

Desert Princess said...

lol....sounds like fun.. :) i must try it some time!

asoom said...

I definately have categories and I even assign guys scores....of course my standards and equations are a bit different than the women in your examples, but yes we categorize.

Desert Princess said...

btw...sometimes it's the guys who are late u know.

Expated in Dubai said...

@Hala, no worries at all.. Though I feel that is more than one implication in your comment, but I'll pretend to brush them off nevertheless..
@desert princess, you should :)
@Asoon, and women say it is degrading to assign a girl a score..
@desert princess, the guys are usually late cuz they can only assume that women are always late..we can do without reading the newspapers front to cover, you know..

Anonymous said...

Fun and unfair, but that's how life is. I mean come on, if the girl wasn't hot, would you even bother for a second date?

Expated in Dubai said...

ummm, wouldn't think so :)

Anonymous said...

Really honest answer. That's very hard to come by with nowadays. Kudos.

Dino$ said...

So you expect the girl to pay at the end of the date? So from what you said i am thinking she is paying in other ways :S

And probably you would prefer the "(ahem)" activities and the revealed "merchandise" over a few dirhams.

Plus it's something arab girls are bought up to expect. A man has to pay for dinner or at least act like he wants to till she offers to pay her half. And when she offers he must refuse and glare at her and be offended that she could "tit3adaah" by belittling him and offering to pay.

Then she giggles and says "okay ill pay next time"

they hold hands and walk away :0)

end of film

Ehab said...

man! you are hilarious, seriously! very useful article though, but it doesnt work the same here in Toronto, oh I can tell you stories.....

Expated in Dubai said...

@dinos, nice film, really. No, actually I do not expect the girl to pay at the end of the date, it's just that I get irked when women pretend to want to pay, fully knowing they won't..
Hehe, and no, I'm not buying anyone's "ahemness"
@Ehab, thanks.. Well, I'm listening..

lezah said...

business cards are flying every where...

Expated in Dubai said...

looks like it :)

emma said...

that was a great read
very entertaining

Expated in Dubai said...

Thanks Emma. I am very entertaining.

Mais said...

LOL! that was funny!!:)

Expated in Dubai said...

Thanks Mais, I guess it was :)

CW said...

what i am wondering about, are the algorithms in your head!? they would be interesting too ;) great post!

Expated in Dubai said...

pretty easy, like most algorithms in guys' heads.. if her rating is 8+ then she's worth pursuing furthermore, with each extra half grade the effort of pursuing is doubled..hehe, I'm joking..
Or am I?

CW said...

yes, but the variables????
anyways, if you are not a sociologist, you should consider becoming one, you’d do well ;)

Anonymous said...
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